Recent Benefit Favorites

BirchBox has blessed me with all of my favorite Benefit products and I can’t wait to try more. So first I have to shout out to BirchBox for adding in some of mine, and a ton of others, favorite products to their boxes.

Concealer, mascara and lipstick – that’s my magic makeup trio. In this post, I’ll be talking about two of those things. Concealer and mascara are some of my favorite makeup products because: 1). Covering your under eyes makes you feel like a real, alive person and 2). Mascara is a game changer.


I first got my hands on Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer in a recent BirchBox within the last three months I want to say. I had discovered two of my favorite mascaras by Benefit, so I was extremely excited to try more of their products. Though, hoping that the color matched my skin tone. It matched perfectly. When I say perfectly, I mean it is my exact skin tone, which isn’t always what you want for a concealer, but I layer my concealers for brightening because like most women I have two different skin tones: winter and summer. So I usually have one that matches my skin perfectly and one a little lighter for brightening under the eyes.

The consistency of the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer is mousey, very smooth, and almost satin-y, so when you dab your finger in the pot to grab some product be careful because the warmth from your finger will melt in quick. As I dab in under my eyes it’s mixes it so flawlessly. They ain’t joking about the airbrush effect. I was actually shocked when I first tried it at how much coverage there was with only a little product.

I could just leave it with just the boi-ing, but I like a brighter look for under my eyes, so right now I’m using Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Concealer on top. Not the worst, not the best. You can use whatever concealer you want. The naked skin I have is in fair and it’s very light and bright on my skin, which is why I usually don’t ever use it alone. When you have concealer that is too light for your skin, and you have the same problem with very red/purple under eyes, it tends to draw more attention than you’d like with faded inner corner purple blotches. Whenever I set the concealer I usually just leave it baking until I wipe it away when I’m bronzing up my face.

Now on to mascara – there’s nothing like the transformation that happens during the mascara step of your makeup. It ‘s kind of like you need to just keep going with your eye shadow until you put the mascara on to really see if you like it because it’s a whole new game with those eyelashes reaching for your sooooul. It’s where I see the most difference, and it’s what my camera picks up the most for filming youtube videos, which is a true test.

I fell in love with They’re Real mascara. I got a travel size first, also in one of the many BirchBoxes. Travel sizes are always welcome in my bag. I worked in coffee shops for a couple years meaning I was awake at 4:30AM, threw on whatever I could find in my room, and ran out the door. I’d be running around all day, sweating, smelling like eggs and coffee by the time I left, so makeup wasn’t really my biggest concern. If I wore makeup at all that day, I did it in the bathroom of the café. I usually only wore concealer, mascara and maybe eyeliner to work in the last few years working at the café.

I loved They’re Real so much that I bought the full size very soon after I went through the travel size. It is now sadly starting to dry up and it’s heartbreaking watching that baby die on me. Benefit’s mascaras are not cheap. They’re $24 at Sephora. Not the most expensive mascara I’ve come across, but much more pricey than a lot of people are used to paying. Though, it’s my most used, most beloved mascara. I only use They’re Real on my top lashes, I’ve found the wand is too thick to work for my bottom lashes the way I want it. It ends up clumping together or getting on my concealer.


My bottom lashes started a love affair with Roller Lash. In high school and college I only ever used Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Wrong. There’s so much great makeup out there, but back then I didn’t dabble in the wonderful world of building up your self-confidence. Immediately Benefit’s Roller Lash made me nostalgic of Define-A-Lash because of the look of the brush and the light consistency of the mascara’s formula. Both of these brushes were a little more spread out, which is what I went for years ago when I didn’t really want people to know I was wearing makeup (I eased into this beauty thing veeeeery slowly). Roller Lash is basically Define-A-Lash on crack because it actually gave my eyelashes the same definition, but with way more volume. The curled brush also helps lift your eyelashes, which is great for the women like me that are afraid of ripping off their eyelashes with curlers.

Not to mention, Roller Lash’s formula has provitamin B5, and serine, which conditions your lashes! Less breakage means more mascara to try out and that’s a win-win.

Pro tip*: layer the two mascaras with roller lash as the first layer to curl and separate the lashes and they’re real to set them over the edge with length and volume.

These are the only Benefit products I’ve tried so far, but I’ve absolutely loved every one, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their other products. Um, hello, they’re known for having an incredible brow line. They have brow bars in Ulta and Sephora, so we know they don’t play when it comes to perfectly sculpting our faces. What are your go-to, rebuy forever Benefit products?


4 Replies to “Recent Benefit Favorites”

  1. I wanted to have a concealer which perfect match my skin color for so long, I’ve tried this concealer swatch on my hand last week it was perfect, I’m gonna buy it soon! And thanks for the review! Emmy.xx


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