Boyfriend Buying Guide

© Annie Spratt at Unsplash

Buying gifts for people is always hard. They either never talk about what they want, have everything already, are extremely picky, or you want the gift to be perfect for them. I’ve come up with what I think is a solid buying birthday guide for boyfriends or husbands. I’ve tried to keep this post pretty vague celebrating all different kinds of men.

Kitchen Knives
Not everyone loves cooking, but if your boyfriend of husband loves being in the kitchen then getting him a great knife will only make him want to cook more. Basically, when he gets the knife in the mail, you’ll have an excellent dinner that night. So, seems like a win-win.

I did a little research and everyone seems to be a general consensus that Shun and Wüsthof knives are pretty great. If you’re buying him knives he obviously loves to cook and will be excited about having a “real” knife so I’d suggest not buying a set and letting him build his own set over time.

I’d start off with a classic chef’s knife if he doesn’t already have a nice one. If he does, maybe try to find a speciality knife that you know he’s going to love like a bread knife or carving knife. Here’s a great starter from Shun it has gorgeous hammering, it’s lightweight, and 5 star rated chef’s knife for under $250. Just look at how beautiful it is and I don’t even like cooking, but I’d appreciate that in my kitchen.

A New Pair of his Favorites
My boyfriend will never buy news shoes or clothes for himself. I haven’t figured it out, but he will wear things until they fall off of him and doesn’t ever seem to care.

He’s been wearing the same Sperry’s for about 2-3 years and they’re completely worn. I mean worn worn. He brings half the beach home with him and there’s a pile of sand outside our front door from the one time he emptied his shoes before going inside. I know, he’s great. You can never go wrong with a good pair of shoes. Everyone wears them and I never think you can have enough. Same goes for his favorite kind of ties, or his favorite jeans.

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to always be around a good smelling man. I feel like cologne is always a great gift to give. It’s luxurious and something that they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves unless they’re into that sort of thing. I also think it’s always a nice, romantic gift to give to the person you love. I know I’d love wearing something that smelled good that I know my boyfriend would also enjoy. Win-win!

Acqua di Gio Pour Homme is a great pick. It’s a simple, clean, not overbearing, masculine scent. I know that probably isn’t the most useless description, but I can guarantee you it’s a good everyday scent.

A Good Quality Razor/Shaver
This is what I got my boyfriend this year. He has alopecia and has been losing his hair since college. He shaved his head completely about a year and a half ago because he was sick of watching it fall out and he wanted control over the situation and he said he finally felt a little bit liberated of the situation. Recently it’s been growing back, not completely, but in larger patches than it has in a while. This means he needs to shave his head every. single. day.

I felt bad watching him shave his head every day before work and seeing him get frustrated in at dinner time when he touched his head and realized it was back again. I looked up good quality shavers on youtube, even asked reddit for some help, and decided to go with Wahl Hair Clippers.

A bunch of shaving enthusiast were raving about Wahl’s barbershop quality shavers so I knew I wanted him to try it out. If Matt could shave his head in half the time and not worry about flying through his razor it was worth every penny. I went with the Wahl Flex Shave Foil Shaver mainly because I saw a half man shaving his head with it, but also because it has an attachment for sensitive skin. I can update on how well it works, longevity and all that after the first few months of him having it.

All the Watches

© Sven Van Der Pluijm at Unsplash

Skagen has some great minimalistic design watches for under $200. Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s and places like that always have great deals on past season designs too and he’ll never know. If you have a bigger budget then by all means shop around for something you think would fit his style there are so many great watches out there, you might even start a watch collection for him.

Tech Accesories
Everyone that has a phone or computer can enjoy these accessories and I think that making your loved ones lives easier is always a nice gesture.

© NeONBRAND at Unsplash

Beats studio wireless headphones are are a great gift, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy good quality headphones as a gift especially wireless and ring in at about $200, but as someone with Beats… they’re worth it, and last forever. I run in all weather with them, I workout in them and I edit my YouTube videos with them. My boyfriends also brings them to works where he’s analyzed sports video. They’re noise cancelling, comfortable, and have excellent sound with no audio cracking at it’s highest volume level.

I’d also suggest iPad keyboards and cases or apple pen for the tech savvy love in your life, and wireless chargers for both Apple and Android would be great for almost anyone because every person has a phone and every person wants an easier way to charge it.

Home Gadgets

© Hal Gatewood at Unsplash

My boyfriend is not the most handy, but likes to tell me that every house should have the right tools to fix any surprises: tool box, power drill, sawzall, circular saw, etc. I don’t know why one house needs so many saws, but that’s not my business. Pick a nice tool box and throw in the most basic essentials: screwdrivers, hammer, socket set, allen wrench and wrench set, measuring tape, level. After that they can start growing their own set.

An Experience
You can’t really go wrong with bringing him out somewhere. Bring him to the next game of his favorite sports team, find an awesome music festival or concert that could be an adventure for the both of you, or bring him to a restaurant that he’s been dying to check out. All of these options give you wiggle room with the day and a chance to allow him to turn his day into something he really loves.

You can grab a coffee (and a donut) in the morning and get excited for a day of adventure planned. It’s always a great way to start a birthday, that’s how I started mine this year and it was pretty much a perfect start to the day.

You know your boyfriend or husband better than anyone so you probably already have a good idea of what you want to get him. These are just a few suggestions for making the life of your loved on a little easier and a little more special. Hopefully this made your search a little easier. You can also pair any gift off with chocolate and a card. It’s not only for woman. It’s sweet and delicious. Don’t fall to stereotypes. Making a cake is always top up there on best suggestions I can give. It’s always worth it.

Let me know in the comments what you got your love for their special day and any other suggestions for anyone else.


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