August Favorites

August is the best month of the year, not only because it’s my birthday month, but because it’s when I’ve been the most active on my newly revamped blog. I put together a few of my most obsessed products of the month. Take a look!

You guys already know my love for Benefit’s Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer. It really sucks that this only comes in three different shades because the formula is so damn creamy and delicious. It spreads like buttah and it has great coverage. I got color 2 which his light/medium and it makes my sunkissed skin perfectly. I was actually blown away by how well it matched, I didn’t know if I put enough on because I couldn’t see it. I wish I could recommend this to everyone, but with the lack of shade range I’d say give it a try.

I’ve been practicing my eye shadow skills lately and when you first start to use eyeshadow it feels like it’s going to be so obvious that you have a bunch of makeup on to other people. Let me tell you, it’s usually not. People don’t pay that much attention to you, so go with it. While I was only doing warm brown, orange and pink smokey eyes I realized I didn’t like bold lips and I’ve re-fallen in love with NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. The packaging is adorable with it’s black, matte applicator top (with good grip)! I have the shade Stockholm and it’s the perfect nude shade for my lips. It barely looks like I have anything on, but it’s seamless and pretty. The formula is incredibly creamy and smells like buttercream and toasted marshmallows and it’s the perfect travel size. It’s on sale right now on the NYX website for $4.55 instead of their usually $6.50. Grab them all! The perfect everyday lip if you want to be low-key.

I have so much love for Pixi Glow Tonic. I’ve had this for so long, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I’ve really embraced toners. I have oily/combination skin with a lot of texture on my forehead and I could never figure out why. I thought for a while my skin was dehydrated or that it was acne below my skin, but it’s because I need to exfoliate! I didn’t really how important it was honestly, but I’ve realized my oily skin needs exfoliation the most because of all the trapped oils. Dingus. I’ve fallen in love with this tonic though. It’s a gentle, chemical exfoliation using glycolic acid (I am in love with anything that has this,) aloe and ginseng to soothe the skin and wake it up. It’s a beautiful combination and I highly suggest it to anyone with sensitive skin. It smells great, easy to use and a great price for a toner that does what it’s supposed to. I think this is going to be a holy grail for me.

Guys, I found the holy grail of tanning lotions except I found it at the end of the summer which is a bummer. However, it totally works. Maui Babe Browning Lotion is only $14 at Ulta and a little goes a long way. It comes out dark brown and looks like you’re spreading chocolate syrup all over your body and it smells like molasses, but don’t worry because you’re going to be a bronze goddess by the end of it. It’s a very thin, watery consistency and doesn’t really absorb into the skin quickly so you’ll have to mix it in a lot. All the work that comes with it is worth it. My legs have never really tanned and they are so tan this summer and I’ve only used it twice. Get ready summer 2k18.

I thought I found a steal at Marshall’s and been using Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo on and off for a few months now and it is not for me. I’ve tried to like it because I’m very much in love with their Deep Repair Masque, but I can’t get behind it. While watching Kristin Johns and her luscious hair on YouTube I found that she’s been using Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo and holy shit. Can we just take a full minute to appreciate the packaging. It’s has a matte finish that makes me want to scratch the bottle and I just love looking at this in my shower. It makes me feel like a chic adult to be honest. It smells heavenly too. At first I thought it would be too perfumey for me, but the scent carries well and last forever. It makes me want to wash my hair more often than I should. The bottle is pretty small for $10, but with how clean my hair feels and the longevity of the scent I’d say it’s worth it. Make sure your head is soaking wet, apply to shampoo and wet your head again quickly or else yo’ll use way more than you should. Try it, and you’ll understand.

Can we talk about how comfy loafers are? I have three pairs, some more casual than others, but they’re perfect for dressing up and outfit and for making you feel professional. I feel like a British badass when I wear loafers. They’re easy to slide on and they go with almost everything. I found some black, suede Vince Camuto Lilliana Flat loafers that are now a go-to for interviews and when I don’t want to wear heels. They are perfect and comfy. I love the baby heel, the clinking makes me feel important.

Oh, baby let’s talk about foooooood. Who has tried Hawaiian Luau BBQ Chips? I’m from the East Coast and I’ve never seen these in my life… maybe I wasn’t paying attention? I’ve been missing out, I can tell you that much. These are the perfect sweet and spicy. Each chip is loaded with flavor so you don’t have to scrounge through the bag looking for a flavor-packed chip because they’re all good. They’re a perfect size so you don’t look like an animal trying to fit an entire chip in your mouth and every chips has got that kettle cook crunch. These are probably going to be on my favorites list for a while unless I eat my way out of the obsession. I guess we’ll see.

Starbucks knows every person’s impulses. I know that because I have a couple of their mugs, a couple travel tumblrs and am still on the lookout for more. You Are Here and Local Collection mugs are apparently now huge impulses for me because I now need to Orange County and California mugs. I bought their Boston mug before I moved to California to bring a little piece of home with me and it’s pretty much my everyday mug. Basically I grab it before my boyfriend can every morning because it’s just has such a great feel. It’s also nice seeing the Boston skyline every morning.


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