Subtle Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial + Food Proof Lipstick Wear Test!

Subtle = in-laws, family friendly, nap friendly.

My friend texted me the other day and said, “Can you make a YouTube tutorial on how to look hot, but also like a sweet angel when you bring your boyfriend to Thanksgiving?” And I said, hell yes. Challenge accepted.
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Top 10 Favorites Perfumes

I had a blast writing this post because I learned so much about the scents that I find beautiful. Isn’t that wild? Things you think smell amazing are the same scents that some people are disgusted by, which means everyone finds beauty in something different. Maybe I’m taking that too far, but it’s something I’ve spent a long time thinking about.

For me, I don’t stray too far from the scents I like, so most of these are going to be pretty similar to each other. I like floral, citrus, clean, woody scents. I don’t like overly warm or musky scents. After all of my research I’ve found that I love me some rose, orange and amber notes. I’ve also found that I really like some of the notes I thought I hated the most. Here are ten of some of my favorite perfumes:

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Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin

I’ve been on the search for the best moisturizers for oily skin for a long, long time. I love testing new skincare, but I don’t love when it makes my skin worse. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of changing up your skincare routine often, so I’d recommend if you try any of these to use them for a few days up to a couple of weeks before switching it up to the next one for best results. It takes your skin a little bit to adjust to a new product.

After years of trying out products from a bunch of different brands here are some of my favorite I’ve found so far, some more affordable than others.

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ABH Modern Renaissance Look + Review


I’m all about the dusty pinks, and burnt orange eye shadows for Fall (and every other season,) but the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is the perfect palette for Fall. Right now in California we’re on the cusp of the remaining Summer heat and the crisp Fall breeze that rolls in at night so I thought I’d throw together a look inspired by the change of seasons.
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Fall Wedding Styles: Long Island

Fall Wedding Guest Glowing

I’ve been looking at dresses and what kind of makeup I want to do for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding for longer than I’d like to admit. This is mostly because I never get to go to fancy things and I want to feel confident in what I’m wearing. I’ve come across so many nice things to wear so I wanted to share, hopefully this helps if you’re someone like me (an over-thinker). Here’s some of my favorites, on a budget.

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Fall Wishlist Products


It’s my boyfriend’s birthday so I thought I’d make a list of all the things I want this upcoming season. I want all the things! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a lot of products lately and can’t wait to be able to review them in the future, but I thought I’d put together a list of all the products I’m hyped about trying. Mostly new releases, but I’ve discovered some old news products that I’d love to play around with.

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Recent Benefit Favorites

BirchBox has blessed me with all of my favorite Benefit products and I can’t wait to try more. So first I have to shout out to BirchBox for adding in some of mine, and a ton of others, favorite products to their boxes.

Concealer, mascara and lipstick – that’s my magic makeup trio. In this post, I’ll be talking about two of those things. Concealer and mascara are some of my favorite makeup products because: 1). Covering your under eyes makes you feel like a real, alive person and 2). Mascara is a game changer.

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Falsies for the not so fabulous

Every one wants beautiful, luscious everything. Women get $800 hair extensions to make themselves feel more beautiful (not for your guys, sorry to break it to ya,) and I, being the broke post-gradder that I am, get free eyelash extensions. Yes, free. I willingly glued synthetic falsies to my eyes, but for a good cause. Laziness was my main cause, friendship and education was also my cause, and this blog was my cause. I needed more material so I thought let’s glue some stuff to my face.

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