My Supplement Routine + What I Want To Try


Hey guys, I saw Twinspiration write about their supplement routine this past week so I thought I’d jump in on the trend, especially because I’ve been really consistent lately with taking all my vitamins. This will rally me to keep it up.

I’ve listed below all the supplements I take right now and why, a few I used in the past that I want to restart, and some supplements I want to try out in the future! Let me know in the comments what I should try now, and any suggestions you have for the future. Continue reading “My Supplement Routine + What I Want To Try”


What’s a Bullet Journal?


Am I the only one that has been who has been seeing bullet journals everywhere? Or do I just surround myself with people who love organization and writing down their feelings? It’s new to me, but it’s been around for a few years developed by Ryder Carroll.

Here’s my rundown on how to start a bullet journal and some things to keep in mind so it’s not so overwhelming.

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Garlic Honey Soy Salmon with Baked Summer Squash, Zucchini and Rice Pilaf

SalmonZucch.pngGuys. I never cook. I don’t want to say I hate it, but I do. I have zero patience for cooking and I’m usually too hungry while cooking that I just end up very, very irritable. Yesterday I told Matt I’d cook while he did his fantasy draft and I made a thing of beauty.

Here’s a super easy salmon, rice and veggies recipe for a healthy dinner that will leave your with plenty of leftovers.

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