Why You Should Hire Someone Inexperienced


I have a lot of feelings on this subject, mostly because I’ve been looking for a job for the past six months as you can see in the image above. Sadly, that’s not all the jobs I applied to if you count the applicants directly on company websites or outside of these job search sites.

However, even when I did have a job I had to settle for a two different cafe jobs because even with a college degree (a $50k piece of paper at this point!) I still couldn’t get a “real job”. The expectations for entry-level jobs are insane, so insane that there are memes surrounding the subject. It’s a known struggle for people in this generation that, unless you had the luxury of great internships and unpaid opportunities (yes more than one) or knew somebody that knew somebody, you probably won’t have a good job after graduation – and that’s sad. Here’s a few reasons why you recruiters and hiring managers should take inexperienced applicants a little more seriously. Continue reading “Why You Should Hire Someone Inexperienced”


Tips For Driving Cross-Country

Utah Road
This is my second cross country road trip in the last six months, so I’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are some tips you need to know if you’re taking a 4-5 Day cross country road trip. I’ve driving both the Northern and Southern route at this point. I think I prefer the northern route to be honest, it felt a lot more relaxed. I went East Coast to West Coast both times, but all tips are just as applicable the other way around.

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Fall Wedding Styles: Long Island

Fall Wedding Guest Glowing

I’ve been looking at dresses and what kind of makeup I want to do for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding for longer than I’d like to admit. This is mostly because I never get to go to fancy things and I want to feel confident in what I’m wearing. I’ve come across so many nice things to wear so I wanted to share, hopefully this helps if you’re someone like me (an over-thinker). Here’s some of my favorites, on a budget.

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A Week in the Life of a Puppy Sitter


One of my friends got a pitbull/lab mix puppy named Emmy last weekend and I fell in love with pibbles all over again. I have two adult pitbulls and babysitting a puppy for a week taught me a lot about the experience of raising a puppy, as well as the tendencies of my own dogs.

This by no means is a post complaining about taking care of a puppy. It’s just a few things I’ve experienced during the week and learned about the way I react to a situation like this.

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Nexplanon One Month Review

Nexplanon implant under skin

PSA: Planned Parenthood is 100% necessary and I am grateful for the people that dedicate their lives to fighting for it, and for everyone who works at every location around the country. Here’s how to get involved if you feel the same or want to learn more.

Alarm goes off, roll out of bed, make some coffee, look in the mirror and realize you’ve got a lot to do. First things first, where’s my birth control? You’re two pills behind… again.

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Blame It On My Unstraight Line

I realized a few weeks ago that one of the most satisfying things that I can do is to create. I drew up a design and wrote out a new 15-foot menu board for my boyfriend’s sandwich shop and even though I wanted to cry when I finished at 2 in the morning, the next time I walked into The Shop I felt satisfied. I felt proud and accomplished and realized I need to work on bringing that feeling into my life more.

I started drawing a couple days after that. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy. It’s easy to look at a picture and see the lines and know you have the ability to do that, it gets hard when you put your pencil to paper and realize you can’t even draw a straight line never mind try and draw someone’s face. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last couple weeks:

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Falsies for the not so fabulous

Every one wants beautiful, luscious everything. Women get $800 hair extensions to make themselves feel more beautiful (not for your guys, sorry to break it to ya,) and I, being the broke post-gradder that I am, get free eyelash extensions. Yes, free. I willingly glued synthetic falsies to my eyes, but for a good cause. Laziness was my main cause, friendship and education was also my cause, and this blog was my cause. I needed more material so I thought let’s glue some stuff to my face.

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