How I Edit My Makeup Pictures Using the Instasize App


I use Instagram more as a way to showcase my passion for beauty, and having a reliable way to edit my pictures means a lot to me and my success. As a blogger I try to keep up with my Instagram as if I were a brand. I try to post at least once a day, engage with anyone liking and commenting on my pictures, and explore the beauty tags to interact further. Overall I’ve realized one of the most important aspects of Instagram is my grid and the quality and consistency of my photos.

Below I’ve outlined how I edit my makeup close-ups, and common tools I use on the Instasize app.

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Winter Wishlist: Makeup + Skincare

Winter Beauty Wishlist

The beauty community is constantly changing, which means there are always new products to try, and I’m always on the hunt to find the best of the best. Since I can’t afford to buy all the amazing products right away I’ve put together some products I can’t wait to try and why they’re on my wishlist. I hope you guys enjoy, and maybe find something you want in your collection as well.

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ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Dream Collection Review + Swatches


What’s better to a beauty lover than finding good quality, affordable, cruelty-free makeup? Not much. It’s an empowering, inclusive moment. Let’s all take a moment to thank Colourpop Cosmetics for being the best, and one of my favorite things about them is how often they collab with Youtubers. Collabs make the products feel that much more personal when you’ve been following their journey for years.

Colourpop recently collabed with Kathleen Lights again, and this time I’m here for it. I wasn’t paying enough attention on her past collabs, but I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one.
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How To Contour on Fair/Light Skin – Drugstore + High End Options

Hi guys, I just uploaded a video on how to contour for fair/light skin and two different products to use! The technique is just the same for darker skin tones, just find products that are one to two shades deeper than your foundation and are more on the cooler tone so it looks like a shadow. Best part is you can always warm it up with bronzer!

Hope you enjoy, and have a great rest of your weekend! No Sunday scaries, hopefully!

Ingredients + Treatments To Fix Your Skincare Concerns


If you’re someone that has a hard time figuring out what is wrong with your skin, and what kind of skin type you have, then this post is for you!

I’ve been asking around to some of my friends and family on what their biggest skincare concerns are, and what are some ingredients they just don’t understand. I put together a list of concerns and ingredients that help out, and man oh man did I get sucked into the world of dermatology in the last few days. Open below for better skin!
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