Run your life and then fall the hell over

I’ve been running away from a lot of things for a lot of years, and honestly it’s been one of the best things for me.

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6 Ways Living Abroad Has Ruined Me (And Probably You)

Cobble stone streets, not so cheap eats (the dollar ain’t got sh*t on the pound,) and English greets. And some other stuff.
By Kristen Carraher | Photos by Brian Horrocks

Broad Street, sunset.
Broad Street, sunset.

So I’m sure everyone has heard, most people that never studied abroad regret it. I studied abroad for a summer (only six weeks) and I regret not doing an entire semester. But guess what, those six weeks still ruined me, so here’s six reasons why:

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Welcome to postin’ post-school life

Arvee Marie at Unsplash
Arvee Marie at Unsplash

There’s a closeness that I believe all post-grad’s feel when they graduate from college, some are feeling it now (like me) and some have felt in years ago, some have yet to feel it by pushing it to the back of their minds until the times comes. Regardless, that’s where I’m at now and I wanted to talk to you guys about the start of your life and finding what makes you happy every day.

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